Call for Papers

Submission of Abstracts

An abstract of about 300-500 words including the title, author (s), and address typed in MS Word in single spacing should be submitted by 20th February, 2015.


  • Title              : MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 16 Points) in single spacing
  • Affiliation       : MS Word in Times New Roman  (Size 12 Points)
  • Authors        : MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 14 points)
  • Abstract       : MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 12 points) in single spacing

The abstract should include the name of sub theme at the bottom of the page. The abstract should include a brief note about: Statement of problem, Methodology, Analysis & Findings. Paper presentation in the seminar will be permitted only when the participant has registered for the seminar and has submitted the full paper (with references and citations in APA Style). No abstract will be taken into consideration for pre-seminar publication without registration fee. On spot papers will not be accepted.

A hard copy of the abstract should be submitted along with a CD or through e-mail at


Oral Presentations

  • Ten minutes time will be given to each speaker.
  • Presentation is to be prepared in MS Power Point and to be brought on a CD or USB drive.
  • LCD projector facility will be provided for making presentations.


  • Indian Economy and Women Empowerment
  • Promoting Robust and Sustained Inclusive Growth
  • Dealing with Gender inequalities: Some Policy Options
  • Enhancing and Enabling Environment for Business and Investment Climate for women entrepreneurs
  • Socio-Economic Women Empowerment